Hand made filters at ITG

The 'hands on' approach

When the original ITG personnel made filters in the winter of 1986/7, the processes of assembly were done completely by hand, with glue applied by a brush, and the materials manually positioned together to bond. That is now over 30 years ago, and technology, design, and labour costs have all moved along considerably in the intervening years. There are many aspects of the way we make filters which are more up-to-date now, but a lot of manual work still remains among the range of processes used in the company today. Our products include a huge variety of filters of different shapes, sizes, purposes and applications. Some of the filters are made in larger numbers, with hundreds or even thousands of a type being made each year, and for many of these types we have developed processes with less labour input, but the for the majority of our part-numbers we still use hand assembly techniques. It would not be practical to introduce automation in filter assembly when the geometry of the filters varies so greatly, so ITG continues to make many filters by hand.

Making products by hand gives the filter-maker the opportunity to check the quality of their work and get detail just right while they are actually in the process of doing it. Most automated processes can only be checked after production, but the person assembling something by hand takes pride in getting things exactly right, first time, and with best possible quality. The production staff of ITG are justifiably proud of the products they make.