Racing Filters

This ultra high performance filter was originally designed for use on Cosworth DFV and derivatives in F3000, but it's excellent design has found many V8 and 4 cylinder applications. It is lightweight and the three button fasteners retaining the filter to the aluminium base are accessible from above. The filter is entirely fire safe, the internal foam being self-extinguishing. It should be noted however, that these are pure race filters and we do not recommend them for normal road use. 
The JC71, a shortened version of the popular JC70 air filter, has been designed to give the same performance but for applications where space is at a premium.  

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Manufactured in the United Kingdom
Manufactured in the United Kingdom

A - (Internal Height mm) Distance from face of baseplate and the inside face of the filter

B - (Width mm) External width of the filter not including the lug

C - (Length mm) External length of the filter.

D - (Overall Height mm) Overall external height of the filter

Racing Filters Size Options
Part No. A (Internal height) B (Width) C (Length) D (Overall height)
JC70 75 135 503 85 Buy Now
JC71 75 135 451 85 Buy Now
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