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STAB122 Airbox
STAB122 Airbox
STAB122 Airbox

STAB122 Airbox

Part Number: STAB122

The largest diameter aluminium air box is perfect for big bhp applications. The outside diameter is large which means high air flow characteristics but the air box itself is still a 'stubby' design which should help with locating it in the engine bay. If you have the space, 127mm ducting can be used on the inlet.


A - (Length) Measurement taken from airbox inlet (C), to filter spinning outlet (D).
Rebated ARAB Spinning reduces length by approx. 20mm

B - (Width) Measurement taken at widest point of filter lid spinning.
Do not measure from screw to screw.

C - Inlet (Dirty air in) measurement taken as internal diameter.
See table for duct sizing guide.

D - Outlet (Clean air out) measurement taken as external diameter, and relates to ARAB spinning used.

All dimensions are in (mm)

Part No. A (Length) B (Width) C (Inlet) D (Outlet)
STAB122/67R 239.50 196.00 122.00 70.00
STAB122/80 276.50 196.00 122.00 83.00
STAB122/80R 238.50 196.00 122.00 83.00
STAB122/86 270.50 196.00 122.00 89.00
STAB122/86R 238.40 196.00 122.00 89.00
STAB122/93 263.50 196.00 122.00 96.00
STAB122/99 264.50 196.00 122.00 102.00
STAB122/114 260.50 196.00 122.00 117.00
STAB122/124 257.50 196.00 122.00 127.00

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