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Trifoam | power & performance

ITG’s trademarked trifoam filters are high quality, durable, and designed and handmade here in the UK for exceptional power and performance.

Our patented ITG Trifoam system means we can customise air filters to your exact specifications, giving you peak power and performance for years to come.

By blending fine and coarse foams of various thicknesses, our filters are tailored to capture even the slightest dust traces, delivering enhanced performance, peak performance, and significant noise reduction.,

Maximum Air Flow

the ability to allow air to pass through without causing a large drop in pressure.

Cleaning Efficiency

the capability to arrest a high proportion of airborne dust while feeding the engine clean air.

Dust Load-up Tolerance

the capability to absorb a large amount of dust without reducing air flow capacity.

We use the very latest adhesive technologies to bond the foam layers, so our filters are completely resistant to water, fumes, oils and fuels, even the more the exotic brews used in racing.

A blend of foam layers finished with a stainless steel wire mesh gives peak power and performance for your vehicle over many years when correctly maintained.

1. Stainless steel mesh

We use only the highest quality stainless steel wire mesh to avoid erosion.

2. Coarse outer layer

Traps large pieces of dirt in its tracks and straightens air flow into the subsequent layers.

3. Medium grade layer

Robust enough to capture most of the harmful dirt that can lead to engine failure.

4. Fine inner layer

Extracts the finest dust and dirt particles while still allowing full air flow for maximum power.

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