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For 30 + years, ITG have been setting the pace in air filter technology.

With more than 30 years experience in the production of quality air filters, ITG is the trusted partner to many in the top level of motorsport.

From motorbikes to powerboats, F2 stock cars to F1 race cars, our customers know that ITG air filters give the ultimate combination of performance and protection against dust for their highly tuned engines.


We continue to work with and assist in developing the latest technologies for the FIA F1 championship teams, BTCC, British and World Super bikes, Le Mans Series and WRC to name but a few!

Our customers' most recent successes include F1 Drivers and Manufacturers Championship, 24hr Daytona Grand AM Championship, BTCC Drivers and Manufacturers Championship and the Japanese Super GT Championship.

Built for motorsport

Our attention to detail, quality systems, and knowledge of best design methods, together with our unique manufacturing techniques, ensure that our customers can always expect the very best air filter on the market.  ITG is accredited to the internationally recognised quality standard ISO/9001 and were founding members of the Motorsport Industry Association and the Performance Automotive Aftermarket Association.

Bespoke air filters

ITG can produce bespoke air filters in as little as 48 hrs, offering rapid prototyping and testing of new designs for race teams on tight schedules.

We deliver the kind of customer service and product expertise that you don’t get anywhere else, which is why our air filters are the only choice for some of the fastest cars in the world, including Le Mans winners, F2, and F1 vehicles.

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