Pleated Technology

Pleated cotton filter | High performance, low maintenance

ITG pleated filters are handmade for premium quality you can take for granted, whether you're focused on performance for road or race

Pleated for performance

ITG's high-quality handmade pleated filter is designed to deliver high performance for road and race drivers, in three key ways.

Long lasting performance

Three fine-weave pleated layers and epoxy-coated mesh offer incredible durability.

Cleaning Efficiency

The pleated design offers increased surface area to trap more dirt and dust.

Install and go

Once installed, the pleated filter gives an immediate performance boost without regular maintenance.

The pleated system

ITG’s pleated filter is durable, hard-working, and delivers excellent performance with very little maintenance. The deep pleats on the filter dramatically increase the surface, offering enhanced filtering and dirt-holding capabilities. We deliver a premium air filter to drivers who simply want to fit and go, enjoying enhanced performance with minimal maintenance.

Pleated fine-weave cotton layers offer increased surface area, trapping maximum dust and dirt without losing performance. The epoxy coating builds durability into the filter, giving you long-term enhanced performance with minimal maintenance required. This handmade filter offers the very best in power and performance, whilst remaining reliably low maintenance over long periods of time.

fine cotton layer

We take three fine-weave cotton layers and pleat them to offer the maximum surface area possible.

pleated surface

The pleated surface is hand-formed into shape to increase filtering and dirt-holding capacity.

Epoxy coated mesh

An epoxy coated mesh binds the filter together for enhanced protection against larger debris and durabilty.

geared for performance

With little maintenance, the pleated filter maintains long-term top performance.

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