Foam Air Filters - Cleaning Instructions

For the best cleaning results and longevity of your filter it is recommended that you use ITG’s CL-1 cleaning fluid and follow the instructions below.

Please check with ITG or your local dealer for recommended cleaning and oiling products in your territory. Only use recommended cleaning and oiling products on your ITG filter. Always use the products in accordance with instructions. Improper use of cleaning chemicals or use of non-approved chemicals can damage filter materials.


ITG’s CL-1 cleaning fluid is intended to be used in a two part cleaning process where the CL-1 breaks down the sticky dust retention oil on the filter, which is then washed off using warm water.

Spray the CL-1 liberally onto the filter and thoroughly massage in. You need to ensure the CL-1 has worked its way through all the layers in the foam and it may be necessary to apply extra CL-1 until you are satisfied the cleaning fluid has fully penetrated the foam. To help the CL-1 to break down the oil, it is advisable to leave the filter for 2-3 minutes and then further massage the CL-1 into the foam.

The next step is to wash the filter out in warm water. Thoroughly wash the filter until you are totally sure that all the cleaning fluid has been removed and the water remains looking clean – it is also advisable to run water through from the clean side outwards to further help the removal of any dust still held within the filter. This stage of the process should take no more than 4 – 5 minutes, leaving the filter submerged in water for a prolonged period of time may cause the glues in the filter to soften and eventually break down.

Now the filter is clean you will need to leave it in a warm, dry place until is fully dried out. Do not use a high pressure air line or heat gun to speed the process up.

Once the filter is dry, re-oil with ITG JDR-2 dust retention coating. If this is not available, only use a specific foam air filter oil. Suitable brands that we are aware of include Silkolene and Rock Oil.

Under no circumstances use cotton gauze filter oil, engine oil or any other oil not specifically manufactured for foam air filters.

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