CustomFit Maxogen

Individual sized Maxogen filters to meet your requirements.

As with our Megaflow filters, Maxogen filters can be built with different heights and foam specs to better suit your running conditions, installation or power requirements. We also have a few different cone shape profiles that can be used or even a custom profile if necessary. There is also the option of modifying one of the standard bases to create a larger diameter or oval shaped base to help maximise the size of the filter for a given space.

The first thing to figure out will be the filter outlet size needed. Most of our filters use spun aluminium bases that give a nice, large radius on the outlet but need to be connected into a rubber or silicon hose. We also have a small range of clamp on filter necks that clamp directly to a hard pipe or single throttle body that have been designed to allow us to fit them into either the standard circular bases or can be fitted to a flat plate to allow for some more 'unusual' shapes or configurations' such as a filter with twin outlets .

The next step is then to decide upon the foam that is most suited to your needs, different conditions require foams with different filtering efficiencies which will have an impact on the flow rate - the greater the filtering efficiency, the lower the flow rates will typically be. If your using the vehicle purely for track use it may be possible to get away with low filtering efficiency and a high flow rate which will allow you to get away with a smaller filter. However if you are using the vehicle off road and the filter will be subjected to a lot of dust, you will need very high filtering efficiency which will lead to lower flow rates and hence need for a larger filter to achieve the airflow you require.

Once you've decided on the outlet size, style of neck and foam specification, the next thing to figure out will be the available space. The available space will dictate the size of the filter possible which will dictate the power rating on the filter. It's always best to try and fit in the largest filter you can (within reason) as this will give you the lowest pressure drop and make the most power. You also need to bear in mind that you need enough room for the air to get all round the filter, there's no point making the filter so large that areas of the filter are pushing up against body panels etc that mask off areas of the filter and prevent air flowing through the foam.

If the Maxogen filter is to be cylindrical, we will need to know the neck size, overall diameter and overall length - if the filter is to be a cone shape then we will need to know the overall diameter at the base and the top as well as the overall length. If the filter is to have an oval base, we would need a drawing or template giving the length, width and radius of the ends or corners. Depending on the size of the filters base, it may also be possible to offset the outlet which would also need to be shown on a drawing.

The last option for a Maxogen filter is to have it built directly onto a hard pipe, this may be needed for some installations where space is limited. As this style of filter is extremely specific it would be best to contact us first to discuss what is possible.

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