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AB80 Carbon Airbox
AB80 Carbon Airbox
AB80 Carbon Airbox
AB80 Carbon Airbox

AB80 Carbon Airbox

Part Number: AB80

Our original carbon air box designed for Honda UK for their BTCC program. Our larger diameter cylinder style filters fit this air box. If you have the space and want the ultimate carbon air box then this is what you need. Any of our Large Cone filters will fit inside this airbox.


A - (Length) Measurement taken from airbox inlet (C), to filter spinning outlet (D).
Rebated ARAB Spinning reduces length by approx. 20mm

B - (Width) Measurement taken at widest point of filter lid spinning.
Do not measure from screw to screw.

C - Inlet (Dirty air in) measurement taken as internal diameter.
See table for duct sizing guide.

D - Outlet (Clean air out) Compatible with JC60 Full Cone

All dimensions are in (mm)

Part No. A (Length) B (Width) C (Inlet) D (Outlet ID / OD) BHP
AB80 w/ JC60/80C 443 240 120 80 / 83 450
AB80 w/ JC60/86C 443 238 120 86 / 89 480
AB80 w/ JC60/93C 443 235 120 93 / 96 500
AB80 w/ JC60/99C 443 235 120 99 / 102 520
AB80 w/ JC60/114C 443 230 120 114 / 117 530
AB80 w/ JC60/124C 443 225 120 124 / 127 540

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