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Hyundai i30N

Part Number: STAB122XLI30N

This Maxogen cold air intake system improves the i30’s airflow in several key ways. It routes the air more directly and efficiently through the engine bay and into the engine, the new Maxogen Intake also improves the airflow by adding a high-flow, high-efficiency, TriFoam air filter and aluminium airbox in place of the more restrictive factory setup. Finally, the cold air intake system is set up to allow cooler air to easily flow into your engine by routing the intake feed away any heat source that might compromise results.

The i30N comes with a hot 2.0 T-GDI turbocharged powerplant producing either 247 or 275hp direct from the factory, but with the ITG Air Filters intake kit fitted the car sees significant gains with this simple bolt-on modification. Tests on an independent dyno have revealed a further 10hp from an otherwise standard engine.

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