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JC30 Sausage Single Carburettor Filter (Black Framed)

Part Number: JC30/SB

The JC30 was designed in the 1990s for the mini spi and then later the mpi version of this car but can also be used on IDA carburettors or single DCOE style carburettors using full radius air horns.

Black framed version of our JC30 Sausage Megaflow Filters.


A - (Internal Height mm) Distance from face of baseplate and the inside face of the filter

B - (Width mm) External width of the filter not including the lug

C - (Length mm) External length of the filter.

D - (Overall Height mm) Overall external height of the filter

Part No. A (Internal height) B (Width) C (Length) D (Overall height)
JC30/S/25 25 149 298 50
JC30/S/40 40 149 298 65
JC30/S/65 65 149 298 90
JC30/S/100 100 149 298 125
JC30/S/125 125 149 298 150

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