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JC60RNPXL (Rubber Neck)
JC60RNPXL (Rubber Neck)
JC60RNPXL (Rubber Neck)

JC60RNPXL (Rubber Neck)

Part Number: JC60RNPXL

Negating the need for a silicone joiner, our Rubber Necked Pleated Maxogen filters are designed to clamp directly onto hard intake pipework. These are an alternative to our Aluminium Spinning base Pleated Maxogens.

Our 'XL' range of pleated filters are a larger version of our standard size Maxogen elements. Perfect where space allows, to enable ultimate dust holding capacity & minimal pressure drop.

Pleated Maxogens have been optimized to work best with ITG Foam Oversocks as they significantly improve filtration capabilities.



Please see below list of available sizes for this filter range in mm.

Part No. A (ID) / B (OD) C D E F G
JC60RN/89PXLF 89 / 99 180 35 235 270 115
JC60RN/102PXLF 102 / 112 180 35 235 270 115
JC60RN/114PXLF 114 / 124 180 35 235 270 115
JC60RN/127PXLF 127 / 137 180 35 235 270 115

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